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EntegraBLU is an unparalleled cyber security solution, proven and evolved in the intelligence community environment – now ready to be deployed to protect critical public and private networks and infrastructures from a broad array of increasingly destructive and costly cyber-attacks.


Its patented solution reduces the attack surface of any network and protects infrastructure from malicious players attempting to harm individuals, businesses, communities, and countries.

you can't hack what you can't see

With EntegraBLU, it’s like your network isn’t even there.

All of its information is wrapped in a protective, encrypted shroud, and then transported through any communications link as if by Ethernet. It’s all the flexibility of the Cloud with the security of a localized connection.

isolation and containment

EntegraBLU is based on a system of isolation and containment. Nothing new can get in… and nothing compromised can get out.


The platform does this with its patented BorderGuard® and RemoteLink & RemoteShield   technology. These devices create a secured enclave only accessible from the inside. It’s a closed loop, one that allows your ICS to share bandwidth without allowing external connections.



protection without disruption

Best of all, EntegraBLU does this without affecting existing OT or IT infrastructure. It’s an additional, transparent layer of security that adds to your defense-in-depth. Networks continue to operate as they did before, simply in a more secure environment.


EntegraBLU solutions support the full range of leading industrial control system applications to in a variety of industries.  Designed to ensure smooth and rapid and most importantly secure  integration to your network.


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